We are Bloxx

Our company was born in 2016.

We are normal, everyday people, just like you

We found our kids behaviours changed dramatically after watching any type of screens.

After reading in a book about computer glasses

And the MANY benefits for wearing them

We started researching

and found that not many people know of them and the benefits of our glasses And there weren't many selling children anti blue light glasses. So after months of searching and communicating with suppliers......Bloxx Corporation was born!

Blog posts

New products

We have been discussing ordering new colours for a while now and have done some market research on what our customers would like, so our next colou...

Hello world, this is me.

In my blogs I am going to give you an insight of who I am and my life experiences. If any of my experiences resonate with anyone, I would love to h...
Back to the beginning

Back to the beginning

For those of you who know us, you know that I have tried and tested many different businesses, from multi level marketing, Avon, holistic therapies...